Silent Devotion

Break away from the coma, your non-responsive sleepy town.
Listen for the allegro hallelujah, the jungle sky chatter.
Know that God is good as He cracks the canopy, one more time,
For you, and that curled kitty, spellbound by conversations between
Canaries and crows; Angels and armies; All humming with morning zeal.

I set the timer for 20 minutes, and enjoyed 20 minutes of  unbroken silence (if you don’t count the cat meowing or purring).  This was in response to Day 7 :  Silence, from Margaret Feinberg’s Wonder Struck book.  I hope that you can enjoy the wondrous silence of  just being in God’s presence today…or you might also try listening to Explosions in the sky – First breath after coma, if complete silence scares you:)


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