Wonder Struck Wednesday

(Rolling over the photos brings up captions!)

This was totally on purpose that I catalogued every part of my day with a camera.  I was looking for yellow.  A laugh.  Jelly.  Non-fat milk.  The trash man.  God.  And I found Him!  …powering my fridge…and my feet.

I’m currently going through the 30 daily challenges in Margaret Fienberg’s book Wonder Struck with my Tuesday Ladies Group.  This montage is in response to Day 3:  Look for wonder through a camera lens throughout the day.  I concede that my day was probably more ordinary than extraordinary in relation to outward beauty…but that’s sort of the point…to find beauty in the everyday.  Celebrate the day you’ve been given!


6 thoughts on “Wonder Struck Wednesday

  1. Wow how clever are you for doing that..how the heck do you do it? Loved the pics the chocolate fridge raid..or chillin the chocolate, the walking in your Brooks. Hell even the shiny fridge and awww Scully 🙂 This I liked. 🙂

    1. Thank you so much for liking this peek into my world. I got the idea to do a photo collage from last week’s daily press challenge but it dovetailed so nicely with my Wonderstruck study that I published a week late.

  2. Thanks Nancy for stopping by. I hope you are gaining a new perspective through this new study. After trying the snow angel thing on my floor, God inspired me with a poem which I shall share shortly:)

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