Going, Going, Gone

A name patch attached to her shirt collar is our last attempt to save her.

Ambushed by targeted rain, a neurotransmitter rebellion, she washes away.

The tag says “Stella,”

but let’s all remember her as mom.

This weekend, we are revisiting a prompt we’ve done before. We are giving you three words and asking that you add another 33 to them to make a complete 36-word response. You may use the words in any order you choose.

Our three words are:



28 thoughts on “Going, Going, Gone

  1. Life is sometimes so sad & cruel!I had no idea that they are given name tags-here,in India,its usually the family which looks after such patients-hard on the caregivers to see their loved ones not remembering who they are,while the family still does.An excellent piece of writing:-)

    1. Mukher jee, it’s the same as in India. Suffering is universal. The name tag I’m referring to is an old-fashioned practice used to identify or mark clothing as belonging to a person. A care-taker could use this method to prevent confusion for their loved one.

      1. Oh I see,I was under the impression that abroad they have hospices as the family system is not traditional /strong in many places.Yes,suffering is universal,thank you for letting me know:-)Btw,my name is Atreyee.Mukherjee is my surname 😀

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