My Poetry Menu

IMG_4453What I’m doing here is shoveling it in just like I do in my blog! Like any well-balanced diet, the poetry I bring to the table springs from a variety of genres and forms. I’m hoping you enjoy nibbling from the poetry forms I’m learning to cook up as a sous chef in the poetry kitchen.

What I’ve been doing lately is eating up and spitting out (excuse the bad metaphor) my newfound favorite book “In the Palm of Your Hand” by Steve Kowit. It’s a lively guide for the practicing poet and I’ve been holding my own personal workshop right here in my kitchen.

I’ve found Haikus to be like little appetizers; so simple and easy to make and eat. Haikus are a savory swallow for most of you, while some of you prefer the entrees: prose poems, sonnets, photograph poems, cut-ups, cross-outs, magical/metered, chance or found poems. It’s fun to see who likes what, so please be a doll and leave your comments for your waitress to give to the chef!

One thing I’m doing is making a menu that’s a bit easier to read.  I’ve scraped almost everything onto a heaping Poetry plate, but with so many different kinds of poetry, I think it would be more palatable if that were broken down a bit. I’d love nothing more than for all of us to be eating well at angieinspired and enjoying what comes out of the kitchen!  So, ‘Bon Appetit’ or, here’s a bib for that spit-up.  Not sure which one fits. I’m off to reorganize my shelves.


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