To Cut the Gordian Knot (A Found Poem)

Alexander Cutting the Gordian Knot, by Martino...

even the legendary gordian knot of ancient greece
is a mystery. gordius, father of midas, was a peasant
who rose to be king of phrygia and-so the story goes-
tied his redundant farm cart with leather harness traces
and presented it to the temple of zeus. so intricate
was the knot nobody could untie it. oracles proclaimed
whoever did so was destined to become emperor
of all asia.  alexander the great tried his hand
at this knotted puzzle but soon lost patience.  disposing
of the intractable problem, he severed it with his sword
in one stroke.

I got this poem “done Gordian knot style” while subbing at the high school ag department yesterday.  I was browsing through “The Ultimate Encylopedia of Knots and Ropework” while the class learned all about dairy cows from a video lecture.  Did you know there are just over 10 million cows in the United States?  Er, anyway, I also found five other poems ranging in subject from caskets covers to landscaping.  I will share those too, unless you’d like more trivia on cows:  jersey, angus, ayrshire, guernsey, holstein, etc…  ☺



  1. What about the “carne asada” cow? He’s my favorite? Have you ever heard of the Kindergarten Knot? Impossible knot to get out of any shoe!

  2. It’s weird how little pieces of history can be so interesting and jump into you life at the most unexpected moments. Knots & cows. More about each please.

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