Something’s Happening in Hollywood!

Something’s happening in Hollywood!  It’s 71 degrees, so leave your jacket at home. Bring cash. Parking is insane. They are blocking off streets and rolling in bleacher stands.  DSC00509

Hollywood & vineOn Hollywood and Vine there’s a man with a live reptile necklace so steer your children clear, or usher them in to see Jekyll and Hyde, provided they’re over the age of five. West Side Story opens in April when Jeff Probst stops talking…and “for the next five minutes, folks, you see filenamecan purchase anything inside this Boulevard store for five dollars.”

Waxy blondes, Marilyn Monroe and Mary Hart, welcome you to Sid’s Chinese Theatre. Chinese TheatreCrowds beat marble stars under their feet. Poor Harry Hamlin is cracked and sinking unlike his well maintained (you know what I’m saying) wife.

Beware of gimmicks and look for free validation.  DSC00513DSC00521Wear a costume and charge for pictures. A twenty-something in the cross walk tows her rolling suitcase  and a man is pulling a boat size bag; what’s in the bag?!  You can drive over to Venice Beach, but parking’s just as insane.  Something’s happening in Hollywood, alright!  If you stay home you just might miss all the freakishness fun.



  1. The madness of Hollywood? We don’t have anything like that over here…hmm possibly a good thing? 😉 I did get the Harry Hamlin/wife part 🙂 Enjoy the craziness…and hope you get a parking spot!

    • Oh, we got a parking spot, but learned it wasn’t validated:( We saw Lisa Rinna and her lips in 5 inch heels and her QVC spandex pants she’s promoting. Says she’s going back on the Apprentice w/ Donald Trump because of her daughter’s vote of confidence.

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