To All My Favorite Characters

Momma would later define LOVE to me as being the perturbed state “where all you can do is think about that special one whenever you’re apart.” I was only in kindergarten but I knew I was in love. Yes, yes, yes!  Here on my Momma’s bed in the middle of the afternoon I couldn’t get my mind off those “special ones” I met in the morning. Even though I was supposed to be napping as hard as Momma was snoring next to me, I went over the sparkling introductions in my mind.

‘A’ is for apple and also my name, ‘Angie.’  You lead the whole alphabet?!  How beautiful are your arms straight and narrow that point to Heaven.  Very nice to meet you.  

‘B’ you are Bee-you-tiful!!  I LOVE your bumpy curves.  You are half sharp, half sassy lady♥

Oh, but ‘C’ I have to touch you, you crazy curvy cat!  All glittered in green.  Me-ow, me-ow!  I run my fingers across your arching back.

(Oh…I can’t stop thinking about any of you.)

Good golly don’t get me started on ‘g’!  You girly, twirly glee.  Smack dab in the middle of the spelling of my name you are my gut, my giggle.  You scoop me in your seat and swing me to the moon.  Gee, gee, gee.  I’m in love with YOU!!!!

That’s when my love affair went too far.  My jig with ‘g’ forced my innocent hand to immortalize my love. I crawled to Momma’s maple dresser and etched with a pen the proper rings and curves which ‘g’ commanded.  It was a gleaming ‘g’ between the eagle-winged drawer pulls and a shaft of sunlight glorified it even more.

When Momma awoke and discovered my love, I’d say she was perturbed.

Yet, twenty years later Momma showed me big love when she gave me that beautifully marred dresser as a wedding gift. Engraving was free. I look at my past “work” whenever I put hubby’s clean socks in the drawer and I marvel how powerful a pen in the hand can be. Of course, Momma’s happy I learned to type.

Weekly Writing Challenge: Characters


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