Daily Prompt: Childhood Revisited

By the time I was 12 I knew it all:  (all the important stuff)

  • every word to the Brady Bunch Theme Song (and the right number of duh, duh, duh’s in between stanzas, which would be 5)
  • my best friend’s phone number (okay, so maybe not the area code)
  • the pledge of allegiance (in-di-visible not invisible, duh!)
  • how to spell bologna (thanks to Oscar Mayer’s commercial)
  • the song Jesus Loves Me (despite never warming a church pew)

Yep, I was some kind of a child prodigy and certainly vocally blessed at that! Fast forward some 30 odd years and here I sit wearing that same smugness as I look down the church pew at my “little darlings” which is the pet name I reserve for my progeny for church only. I mouth every word to “There’s Just Something About That Name” as a lovely purple clad pair of life-long friends sing this piano-accompanied song in front of the congregation.  How do I know every word  I gape, chalking it up to some kind of superior gifting.  I remember singing these words to my babies with gusto all those nights they wouldn’t go to sleep in their cribs. Now they stand beside me rolling their eyes and smacking their Orbit gum incessantly (smugly?).

Then it hits me.  Someone must have sung that song to me.  As much as I like to think ideas, skills or information is miraculously imparted to me–they are not.   Did my mom sing these words over me forty-five years ago?  I am moved by the age-old sisters’ rendition of this hymn and feel inexpressibly linked to my mom and daughters as soprano voices lilt higher as “Kings and kingdoms will all pass away, but there’s something about that name…”

I instantly relax about wanting things to be different for my kids.  I can let things go like: using a dictionary to look up words versus ‘spell check,’ memorizing actual phone numbers instead of relying on the button ‘phone contacts,’ and singing songs from sheet music instead reading them off a power point screen. There is one important thing I want my kids to know. If my daughters find Jesus in a hymnal, church pew or otherwise; Jesus is enough.  I will, however, go on singing simple hymns too loudly (deal with it darlings!) from hymnal books, because I know someone is listening.

Inspired by the Daily Prompt: Childhood Revisited

If you have kids, is there anything you wish were different for them?


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