Oscar Buzz

Thank you, readers, for making angieinspired a stark raving success so fun!  In recognition of my blog hitting the half-year mark (still green) nominations are going out to those who have been a part of my journey. The question undoubtedly on everyone’s mind is “who will go home with an Oscar?”  Humor me some more here.

(somebody, cue dramatic music) The nominees for top commenter are:

by Cobbledtoolbox- “2,000 crevices on four kids”–wonderful!

by Janet M- “great word pictures, the dull, meaningless old testament ritual comes to life for the modern nostril.”

by Madeleine W- “Love this post, Angie.”

by Gina Marie- “Very cool! I enjoy your poetry. This one, in particular, reminds me of a passage from Joan Didion’s “On Keeping a Notebook,” which states: ” . . . I think we are well advised to keep on nodding terms with the people we used to be, whether we find them attractive company or not. Otherwise they turn up unannounced and surprise us, come hammering on the mind’s door at 4 a.m. of a bad night and demand to know who deserted them, who betrayed them, who is going to make amends. We forget too soon the things we thought we could never forget. We forget the loves and the betrayals alike, forget what we whispered and what we screamed, forget who we were.”

by Cheryl A- “wow Ang wow. You amaze me…making me cry with a quick read.”

And the Oscar goes to…Cheryl A!  I too am a sucker for a good cry but don’t get me started now; I actually put on mascara.

(Musical intro please) The nominees for best supporting followers are:

by Mike W- “Here we go girl! Now, start expressing and writing! ”

by RuleofStupid- “This is very dense work – a lot packed in to those few stanzas!”  (funny word, dense, coming from Rule of Stupid aka Mike)

by Mary Jo- “This is great! Sent from my iPad” (gotta love my mobile techies)

by Jane- “Hello! I’ve just nominated you for Inspiring Blog Award and One Lovely Blog Award”

by Becky S- “I’m so glad you’re doing this!!!” ( a triple shot of exclamation?)

And the Oscar goes to…Mike W!!! He’s the one who inspired me to try this thing and he’s been with me every step of the way.

(wake up, orchestra!) and lastly, the nominees for most likes are:

cobbled toolbox

life on wry

T. W. Dittmer


Ramblings From A Mum

And the Oscar goes to…T.W. Dittmer!   He once said typed “I REALLY like this” poem in addition to clicking “Like.”  It’s nice to know you like me, but you really, really like me?! I am unworthy.

Thank you all for attending this gala.  Enjoy the refreshments as you mingle with all these beautiful people.  Can’t wait to get out of this stupid evening dress, gosh!



  1. I’m so glad we became acquainted in the blogosphere. I really enjoy reading your work.

  2. Bummed that I didn’t take home an Oscar. Maybe next year.

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