Making Ammends

Forgive me husband- for breaking up with you those 3 or 4 times while we were dating.  Even though I married you, I think it still bothers you.

Forgive me dad- for not winning the “Why My Dad’s the Best Dad” Father’s Day writing contest when I was 8.  I sure wish they had returned it so we could read a losing dad essay.  It must have stunk.

Forgive me brother- for we both know it was me who snuck out of the house that hot summer night.  Thanks for taking the blame.

Forgive me Rookie- if I hadn’t loved you so much, you sweet old dog, I could have ended your suffering sooner.

Forgive me Jon Lucas- for kicking you in the shins for pestering me to kiss you in 2nd grade.  I was glad you moved in 3rd grade.

Forgive me class of 1986- for my conceit and vanity.  I believed Mark Whitehair when he said I was the prettiest girl in the school.

Forgive me mom- for moving so far away.

lines 8-10 withheld by author

Forgive me Chanel- for paying you a compliment instead of a tip at Applebee’s.

Forgive me Lord- for making a mess of it!  I can see why you’re big on grace.

If you’re forgiven…do you know what for?


2 thoughts on “Making Ammends

  1. My women’s group was just discussing forgiveness this morning. Involuntary groans & sighs escaped more than one mouth when I read #7 on pathway to forgiveness – “forgive yourself.”

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