Outside, Inside, Down & Up

Daily Prompt:  Take Two

Run outside. Take a picture of the first thing you see. Run inside. Take a picture of the second thing you see. Write about the connection between these two random objects, people, or scenes.  

One thing I do that my sixteen-year old says weirds her out is looking her “down & up” versus the usual “up & down.”  Maybe it’s because I felt so upside down caring full-time for three small children at home while I was pregnant with another that I suffer her now. Looking at feet before faces could be a long-lasting side effect from those crazy Mommy days. You know, the ones where you put your shoes on only to discover (too late) that they’re not a matching pair!  Days where you forget if you put your deodorant on so you sniff inconspicuously or worse yet; you don’t and live with it.

My upside down motherhood was both good and bad.  However, I think my “mother’s scan” has served me well. I learned it when my kids were toddlers and played on the floor with scads of toys underfoot, hence; “Watch your step” is not just for construction zones but for kid zones too.  Another case where it’s beneficial to look down is before leaving the house with small children.  If not for my past downward queries my children would have arrived to school barefoot *cough, cough* and I know this because of the days I was not so vigilant!

When the kids were non-swimmers I had a safety fence installed around our pool and my eyes constantly scanned the bottom for sunken little bodies which I thankfully never saw thanks to my hyper-vigilance and one fully clothed rescue.  I stand here with my camera and it is cold and quiet.  After smearing all that daily sunscreen into 2,ooo crevices on four kids for what seemed like a thousand summer days, the chilly unprotected pool water is all I see.  Scratch that.  IMG_4872There’s the sunburned head of a yellow duck holding the chlorine and a forgotten greening tennis ball that one of my kids let roll in which remains afloat.

Leaving the shadowy reminders of summer, I return inside.  I open the sliding glass door and my eyes instinctively glance down.  I can’t help it. Though my kids are older now I haven’t stopped stepping with caution and in so doing, I avoid a discarded pair of size 3 purple converse shoes which float on an oatmeal sea of shag.  Curiously, one sock has abandoned ship.  Now, where’s that lost  backpack, girl?!  We have looked up and down this house for it. Arg!  That’s exactly the problem.  I should be looking down and up.  That’s my way.

So what’s under your feet?


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6 thoughts on “Outside, Inside, Down & Up

  1. Great Post! I look sideways and up and down and all I see it untidy – too tired during the week to clean up after myself 😦 Woah is me – laughed at this – well done, glad they didn’t go to school barefoot – I am SURE they would have mentioned *nods* ? 🙂

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