Because I Need a New Refrigerator

“Welcome back from commercial break folks, to another rousing episode of the family dynamic Pyramid!!!  Our first contestant, Mrs. Maiden-name is doing quite well.  She told me about herself a bit earlier in the show when I asked about her peculiar name.”

“In fact it’s not my real name Dick, er, I use it to spare my teenagers any unintended embarrassment. They’re watching at home, well sir, they’re always watching. Could I say hello to daughter #1?”

“Go right ahead and I’m assuming #1’s not her real name either.” (wink, wink to the camera. laughter.)

“Yes. that’s right. Hello daughter #1!”

“Well, regardless of name, anybody should be proud for making it  to the winner’s circle like you have. You will be given a set of clues to solve a puzzle. Here is your subject.  Go!”

“Because I said so…”
Things a dictator might say
“Because we need to eat…Because money doesn’t grow on trees…”
What a parent might say
“Because it’s for your own good…Because you’ll thank me later”
Things you say before you punish
“um, um…Because I need a new refrigerator…”
«buzzer sounds»
“Oh! Time’s up. What we were looking for is–What a mother might say to her daughter for taking a subbing assignment in her daughter’s high school history class.”
«collective audience sigh»

    Ugh, broken major appliances have led me to play a game of risk.  My kids used to love it when I subbed for their Kindergarten classes all the way up through 5th grade, but high school? What can I say? With my fridge leaking all over my new floor, I need a new refrigerator and I’m not turning down any paid opportunities. Mental note: don’t dress like I’m on “What Not to Wear” on Thursday#:/ 


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