A Manufactured Product

English: Lush grass and Buttercups awaiting co...

English: Lush grass and Buttercups awaiting conversion – Frampton Once the cows in the next field have done their job there the product of this one will be converted into milk too. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Your courting looks like ardent prayer
Silence on the out, spare within
Muted words await rambling words
Conversion from nether to here

Rambunctious words, not ordered ones
You decree a toss and tumble
Love across a bloody ocean
Entrails which sometimes look purple

Except when you’re green or less thick
Suddenly less gelatinous
Churning like the rolling seaway
Polished yet completely undone

Such production for little work
A new line, a little eddy
Counter movement etching a place
A manufactured whirl; a poem

     This is stuff I think about when I wake up.  Why didn’t I insert an ocean picture you ask?  The green grass grew instead.  I was inspired to write using Apostrophe: a figure of speech in which someone absent or dead or something nonhuman is addressed as if it were alive and present and was able to reply.  Swirling words asking to become a poem is what I addressed.  Ephesians 2:10  says that we are God’s workmanship or poems and He’s certainly not done with me!  Like some other geniuses, I didn’t attempt to finagle a saudade into this piece.  I know! What the heck is a saudade you (might not) ask?  Check out ruleofstupid.wordpress and the others below↓ 

8 thoughts on “A Manufactured Product

  1. This is very dense work – a lot packed in to those few stanzas! I like the quietude of the opening stanza and the sense of calm – chaos – calm I got from the piece as a whole.
    Lovely to meet you, and thanks for taking part!

    1. Thanks for not being snarky with me for being “uninvited” and all:) Appreciate your comments! Denser than I’ve ever gotten. Really love what you’re doing with your blog constests, as the weekly writing group I attend is for stories only. Poetry is my fav

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