The Day of…

The kindergarten killings
Alone on a morning run
Alone out there
Seeking the warm sun

Two feet treading mother Earth
Ears set to Mumford and Sons
Quiet voices
Crying for their moms

Shoe string starts to unravel
Bent knee on broken roadside
Tie, double-tie
Inside is high tide

Scared kids are locked in closets
Tragedy voids coherence
Exposing hearts
Praying for clearance

Three friday cab truck drivers
Yield and swerve out of their way
Of highway bend
Bidding a good day

Wintry sun is a stoked fire
Melting sandy paths and loam
Cold green gloved hands
Feeling for a phone

Wrapped fingers text locked up truth
I love you, I love your face
I bend again
Pulling loose laces




    • I tried to do a ping back of yours on my site as well…a little choppy, but readers can find your amazing work here

  1. I think the Walker family all feels this as we are so close to the front lines of little ones and education! Words cannot express…….

    • i’m prone to taking daily happenings and extrapolating it to be “what’s happening” in life. drives my kids crazy, or maybe it’s that i talk to myself all the time:)

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