16 Days Before Christmas

IMG_4862Twas out on the lawn where I sat up my ladder
“Climb up to the roofline,” I told my tall daughter.
She clung to the rungs and cleaned out the gutter,
She dirtied her hands just like her old mother.

When, what to our wondering eyes should appear,
But a dancing sky show in the wild blue frontier.
“Stay up there,” I said as I made a quick dash,
Inside our house for a camera with a flash.

Lilting lusters of leaves looked like fresh-falling snow,
And they rained down all over the raked grass below.
I nestled my back on the combed soft earth bed
While visions of twirly birds swirled in my head.

And then, in a twinkling I saw high in the sky,
A jet coursing up like Santa’s sleigh flying by.
My eyes–how they sparkled!  I felt so merry!
Enwreathed on the soil, rich with leaves of cherry.


3 thoughts on “16 Days Before Christmas

  1. That was classic! As you were suffering as a sub I started on such an endeavor…..$30 dollars later I paid the lawn guy from across the street to do the job for me! I considered it a Christmas gift to myself!

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