Sunday Inspiration

283867582733054219_e6WXY7w7_b[1]        I accepted an invitation to speak at Women’s Sunday at our church for 4 minutes or so on the topic of basic training in spiritual life.  I was given verses from Revelation, 2 Kings, or James from which to springboard from.  I chose James 4:4-9 to highlight the lesson that differentiating one’s enemy from his/her foe is the key piece of information necessary in winning any game.  I plan to re-tell the story of a fourth grade class of mentally handicapped children who turned the world’s rules of  survival of the fittest upside-down. In acts of humbleness and servanthood these kids deflated the “balloon stomp” mentality many of us operate on.  When it comes to choosing up sides it’s nice to know that God chooses us to be on His team–the one that wins!  Understanding that God’s not playing a game of “gotcha” with us makes it easier to run to Him as opposed to running from Him in failed attempts to hide.


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