(Inspired by) Bold Life

How do you like my bold (new) life (theme)?  My brand new day (theme) was tired. I was tempted by clean house only because I wouldn’t have to actually clean it, but couldn’t resist this one’s textured paper background inviting me to read a ‘real’ page versus a virtual one.  Choosing a new screen is as fun as rearranging furniture and decorating for the holidays, only way (way) easier!  Now I’ve got to get packing for my Thanksgiving trek to Kansas.  Wish there were a live preview for that; or do I?? Maybe you’ll get that fresh copy before Christmas.

Peace and love,


P.S. It would make my heart happy if you’d leave a scribble on my new page in the nice new comment box.  Be bold, but remember your manners.


10 thoughts on “(Inspired by) Bold Life

  1. I don’t know that you want to preview the trip, but I’m definitely looking forward to seeing you! Just a few short days….

  2. Thanks all for making my new place more homey:) Michele: I need your mad genius mess here to balance out my ingrained antiseptic ways (though I’ve come a long way since our college days). See you soon

  3. Plentiful Thanksgiving to everyone. Cheryl, I’m glad you can carve out time next week from your business. M hasn’t replied w/ details, so let’s keep pushing:) What works best for you Tuesday-Friday morn?

    1. Oh!!! There are comments here!? I’ve never looked before, happened to this time, and BAM…there I am. Referenced not only once (come on…was it a “mess”????lol) but twice!! Is Wednesday morning too close to the turkey wire?

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