(Inspired by) BK

As a thank you to our babysitter for going out of her way Thursday, I sent her a Burger King certificate.  BK’s old school jingle reminded me of what God must have been thinking towards the Israelites as I read Numbers 13 and 14. 

“Hold the pickle, hold the lettuce, special orders don’t upset us (quick!  cut away from Moses striking the rock in anger two times), Have it your way,  Have it your way, Have it your way Israelites…

You complained of thirst, so I opened a rock.
You complained of hunger,  so I made it snow heavenly corn flakes.
You wanted meat, so I gave you quail galore.
You wanted a leader, so I gave you Moses.
You got lost in the wilderness, so I gave you pillars to follow.
You doubted my word that you would take control of  the promised land…so I let you have it your way.”

As a result of their unbelief, the Israelites would not see the land flowing with milk and honey, bar Caleb and Joshua.  So, how does the lesson to trust and obey God taste in your mouth now? Instead of insisting on ordering everything to be “our way,” we ought to receive and accept His will in our daily lives.  His way is superior to our tastes and whims. 

Ala carte item:  The Israelites missed Egyptian cucumbers while in the wilderness!  Do you like pickles on your burger?


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