(Inspired by) Halloween

I really tore it up yesterday.
I kept 7 howling middle school classes at bay,
whisked my 5th grader home to scrub off fake blood from her body and handed over her pirate costume,
carved and gutted three pumpkins,
boiled rice and braised 44 fish sticks,
carted my pirate and nerd to the town square to collect booty in pillowcases and bump up against ninjas and the dead,
entertained friends in my living room (re-hashing which body parts have or will undergo the knife…our version of ghost stories),
snuffed out jack-o-lantern lights at eight p.m. then buried heads in the trash, and
separated pumpkin seeds from slime, leaving them left naked on waxed paper.

I haven’t lost my head–it was another great Halloween!

the front hedge looks like it needs trimming…let er rip


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