(Inspired by) Promises

A word for these times:  “…better promises.”

Using the same language as the Presidential candidates during the debates, the Old Testament covenant is contrasted with the new. The writer of Hebrews (see chapter 6), which I will call the moderator for this blog, asks Gods: “What’s the difference between your two covenants?”
God: “My new covenant  is founded on better promises.”
Moderator: “Doesn’t that mean, sir; excuse me–God, that you’re re-nigging on your past promises established through the Moses contract?”
God: “My old covenant was not wrong for that time. I gave it for the good of the people. If Israel would have obeyed the terms of that covenant, there would have been more beneficial results. We must remember not to criticize or minimize the covenant’s potential benefits, based upon the fact that a people fail to follow its terms.”
Moderator: “What will be different about the new covenant with its better promises?”
God: “My new covenant will be based on better internal laws, ones which will be written on hearts and minds instead of on stones, so that all people, from the greatest to the least, will know them.”
Moderator: “Sounds like your proposed new covenant leans heavily on governmental control.”
God: “Look, I think you’re taking the word ‘better’ to mean something I never intended. ‘Better’ is to say ‘more profitable, more noble, or more excellent’.  People will still have the choice whether or not to embrace my plan, but it is still a plan for the good of the people. I have always promised to act on behalf of the people.”
Moderator: “What actions would your new covenant plan entail?”
God: “I will be merciful to those failing to meet the requirements and employ a fail-safe plan for those who recognize their need for assistance. This fail-safe is found in the most valuable package I’m offering as a stimulus to the people, called the J.C. Initiative.”
Moderator: “How can you be sure this J.C. Initiative won’t fail?”
God: “This is my last and final offer on the table, and once again, people can either accept it or reject it. I can promise you that every one of my promises finds its ‘yes’ in Jesus Christ, or J.C. offering. Those operating under my new program can be assured that they will reap the entire benefit package.”
Moderator: “What are your proposed benefits associated with the J.C. package?”
God: “I promise forgiveness for all debts, changes internally, and eternal blessings as well as a new life realized.”
Moderator:  “Thank you very much, God for outlining your new plan.”
God:  “It’s been my pleasure and my desire to make good on my promises.  I would like to bring to your attention that every one of my promises have been fulfilled; not one has failed.”

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