(Inspired by) Fresh Air

My youngest of four attempted to live in a bubble Saturday; waking up and heading directly for the enveloping rays of the TV.  I am a lazy very different mother than I was sixteen years ago–so I didn’t burst her bubble until, oh (what time did she wake up + what time was lunch) let’s say–1:00pm.

She needed an intervention so I gave her choices.  Sandwich or pizza?  Electric or manual toothbrush?  Walk on the treadmill, ride your bike or do DVD exercise with me.  I turned off the boob tube.  She didn’t fuss (too much).  She chose pizza– manual– and bike.  I encouraged her to start getting ready for her birthday roller-skating party next weekend by exercising now.  I tied her hair in a low pony tail and she put her helmet on and was off and riding around our neighborhood.  I strapped on my lime green sports watch to her right wrist, and told her to come back in twenty-five minutes.  I put my exercise DVD in, and kept the garage door open so I could see her flash by periodically in her sequined tank top.

She came back ten minutes early for a bathroom break.  Good for her system.  She saw the yoga stretches on the TV and thought maybe she’d join me.  I gave her the choice–10 more minutes of biking or 30 of the video.  She put her helmet back on.  She came back and got interested in decorating the house for fall and Halloween.  She asked where the crayons were and drew a picture.  “I should get out more often,” she remarked. On Sunday, she asked me to bike with her. After going a mile beside her on a kick scooter (our only other working wheeled toy), I asked her Uncle for a bike loaner to spare the embarassment, and my legs.

Fresh air, activity, and encouragement are things we all need to thrive.  Next weekend she’ll be whizzing around a rink in her new roller blades in a perpetual left turn.  It makes my heart happy to see her body in motion–like last night when she put her sister’s kneepads on to practice cartwheels. 🙂


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