(Inspired by) Sagginess

Recent conversations I’ve overheard or participated in are my life’s snapshots–

“Botox is next year’s birthday theme.”  Shoot

“This getting old stuff’s no fun.”  Snap

“Mommmm!  Put on a bra.”   Shoot

“Golden years, my foot!”   Snap

“Due to recent improvements in gynecological screening, we won’t see you again until you’re menopausal.” (oh, joy–at least something’s improving)

As a believer in Jesus, I have to remind myself to see the big picture; and, oh yes, remind my kids to be kinder!  Though I will live forever, my aging body won’t, because I’ll be getting a new one.  So more important than fighting the aging process, is fighting against sagging attitudes.  I’m not saying a good bra can’t lift your spirit, or that Jesus and Botox are diametrically opposed.  Just try to live as the new and improved YOU (you saggy bag of bones.)  Oh, snap.


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