Recent Post to Inspire

Who’s Mr. Funderburk? And why is this in my email? What is Angie doing?
My challenge this week was to inspire you in the form of an email. Mr. Funderburk is real and his name is in my email inbox.;) winking (And with a name like Funderburk…he has to be good!)
Won’t you join me and
Mr. John Funderburk
Director of Advocacy
Alzheimer’s Association

To fight against Alzheimer’s for my mom’s sake and the growing number of people affected with this mind-boggling disease? Scientists believe we are at a tipping point on Alzheimer’s research. We have the ideas, the technology and the will, but we still need a stronger commitment from the Federal government. The Alzheimer’s Breakthrough Act would advance breakthrough treatments for people living with Alzheimer’s by requiring a federal commitment to Alzheimer’s disease research.

Tell your member of Congress to support the Alzheimer’s Breakthrough Act.


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