Weekly Writing Challenge: Mail it In

“DPchallenge”-Staying connected with back-then friends
Dear Cheryl,

It’s been a while, I know. I missed our 10th high school reunion. You missed our 20th. Was the 10th like the awful drunken dance I endured six years ago? We used to be separated only by seven disheveled city blocks, but now it’s 1,500 miles and 12 children between us.

Remember we’d meet in the middle of 4th and 11th Street at the mail man’s green relay box? Remember, we were on the 4 x 100 relay team? We were young and running free then. Remember the ping-pong table in your basement next to the washer and dryer where our continuous record was 100?
Remember your dad’s blown insulation made the basement walls look like bubbly yellow foam?

Whenever I eat peanut butter, I think of you–always dipping your finger into an opened jar and licking it. We went through puberty together. When we did aerobics, you said my boobs bounced and it was funny, not painful. When you wanted to kiss a boy, that scared me. When we played sports together, I looked up to you.

Remember camping out in your yard and at the lake? Your dad would pull us on water skis. Browned from the sun, we’d shower and shave our legs and you said, ”I wish I could shave off cellulite.” We were at the same college when you got married your junior year. I visited your on-campus married housing apartment. There was an outdoor tent set up in the spare room.

Wasn’t long before you were pregnant and I looked through the nursery window at your real live baby. I cried, because our childhood was over. You became a mother, over and over again and I moved away. I visit you, and your mom and dad’s house, occasionally in my dreams.

I have a new blog. I could start up my Facebook again. Want to be friends? Let’s shave off the fat and re-connect over the fabulous new Internet wire.


(To my readers:  This email was so cool to generate because I penned it from my yahoo mail account and sent it directly to my blog!  Such modern wizardry!  I got the idea from a subject line from one of my email inbox messages)

2 thoughts on “Weekly Writing Challenge: Mail it In

  1. You are cracking me up! I faithfully read your blog, the uncanny way you have to remember things. You pull memories from the depths of my mind and make me laugh,cry or gawk. Of course I will be your friend, always and forever. Relo

    1. Inspiration comes from tender places in my heart, and from 4th grade through high school it was YOU and I who braved those soft spots together. Thought better of putting our Senta Buxman rubber tree elevator incident in there…all of our coaxing broke her arm! We were tender, stupid shoots. aNgIe.


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