(Inspired by) the Word


Has God ever led you to taste your own bitterness? Water is the spiritual symbol of life, so let me re-phrase the question. Have you ever choked on your life circumstances? Okay, now I hear some sputtering and spitting.  I’ve begun a Tabernacle study with my Tuesday morning ladies, so I’ve been hanging with Moses for a while now and would like to share some new insights I’ve been swallowing.  Stop #4 for the wandering Israelites, having gone three days through the desert of Shur without any water, was a place called Marah.  Few of us have ever experienced the kind of thirst the Israelites suffered, but imagine them diving in only to find the water undrinkable because of its bitterness.  The remedy for the bitterness was the same as it is for us.  God made the water sweet by telling Moses to throw into it a specified piece of wood. The spot was renamed Elim, a place of abundance.  What was so amazing about tossing a stick in? That stick represented Jesus, as he would die on a piece of wood which was a tree called Calvary so that we may enjoy the refreshment of the Living Water.  Jesus is the greatest remedy God gave us, for our greatest need is to be washed. Marah was a disappointing stop for the masses, but necessary to internalize the lesson that life is a mixture of sweetness and bitterness.  If it were only sweet, we would have no thirst for Jesus!  The other side of Marah is sweet.

They will neither hunger nor thirst, nor will the desert heat or the sun beat upon them. He who has compassion on them will guide them and lead them beside springs of water.- Isaiah 49:10



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