(Inspired by) Rules

      As per the creative writing prompt #305 out of #346:

20 Rules I’ve Broken:

  1. Lord knew I’d break all 10 of his Commandments

  2. I’ve re-gifted

  3. I’ve cheated

  4. I’ve made long-distance phone calls when the sign said otherwise

  5. I’ve double parked

  6. I’ve trespassed

  7. I’ve brought outside refreshments not allowed into theaters

  8. I’ve been admitted after dark (that one sounds funny)

  9. I’ve jay-walked

  10. I littered, though I don’t anymore (not that I do any of the above regularly)

  11. I’ve broken the 65 mph enforced speed limit

  12. I think I’ve run with scissors

  13. I’ve closed up shop early

  14. I’ve called in sick when I wasn’t

  15. I’ve gone to bed angry

  16. I’ve counted my proverbial chickens before they hatched

  17. I’ve definitely had my cake and ate it too, which I advise against!

  18. I’ve used the men’s restroom (sometimes on purpose)

  19. I married my rebound relationship man

  20. I’ve lied straight to your face; can you believe that?

    There are some stories here…will get on them.  What rules will you admit to breaking?


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