(Inspired by) the Word

“Let me see it, let me see it!”

Siblings push and pull at each other in a grab for a vied (viewed) possession.

“Nooo!  Look with your eyes, not with your hands.”

But, we humans want to have it and hold it, don’t we?  An invisible God is a slippery subject and some try to handle it by putting God in a man-made box for safe-keeping.  Idolatry is preferring to worship the box we set on our shelf instead of the omnipresent Creator of the Universe.

Does God’s “invisibility” bother you?  What do you picture when you think of God?

WARNING:  If you want to steer clear from the foolishness of God’s children (the Israelites) who fretfully followed Moses in the wilderness you won’t picture anything at all, or demand to have any box or golden image made to help you visualize God.  God is unseen until our faith becomes sight, and that is His perfect design for a people who are prone to worship images. God is far above all we ever imagined, and no-building a high tower will not get you any closer to God. (Seems corporate pride was branded by the Israelites.) We don’t have to hold a thing to know it’s there, and often the most holy things are abstract like love, freedom, redemption, etc.  We can feel God in the wind or see Him in a flower, but he doesn’t reside there. Some have seen Jesus’ image in a loaf of bread or on a potato, but Jesus is not in the bread or potato any more than in the flower or wind.  He lives in our hearts.

Don’t be a potato head.
Don’t  worship idols or any created thing.


2 thoughts on “(Inspired by) the Word

  1. Ah yes–ND season! Lately all the kids’ idol has been the computer! Aubrey’s banned for hiding the ipad to keep it away from her sisters (unbeknownst to me) while she went on that bike ride with me.

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