(Inspired by) Snakes

I’ve had plenty to Complain talk to God about lately, as I’m sure all of you have too.  As I transport my husband to various medical clinics, hospitals, specialists, I encounter the curious medical emblem of the snake on a pole.  Curious and a little creepy!  Upon a little research, I found good old Moses to be the one who started this whole brass serpent thing centuries ago.  Numbers 21 (don’t skip this Old Testament book–I’ve mined nuggets from it over the years!) records Moses making this medical remedy as prescribed by God.

“and put it in the middle of the camp so that anyone who is bitten can look at the serpent hanging there and be made whole.”

The Israelites had developed a bad condition called “chronic complaining.”.  Prognosis was deadly if God caught you murmuring, as He sent snakes to bite you as an outward manifestation of your sin.  Ouch!  However, if you looked at the snake hanging on the pole (much like Jesus died for your sins on a cross), you would be healed.  JUST LOOK AT IT.  LOOK AT IT.

This is the one thing required.  Those that looked did not die. Those who did not look died. Look at what bit you (your sin) and live.  I dare you to just look at it.  That’s all that is required.  Come on, you won’t die.


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