(Inspired by) the Word

“Let not your hands go limp.” 

Well, okay then, Zephaniah–thanks for that kick in the pants, or more accurately for the life in my hands! Ever feel like just a little folding of the hands is just what the doctor ordered? Just give me a little sleep, a little slumber, and let me fold my hands and forget the work I’ve been given to do. Wake up!  Although Zephaniah isn’t warning us about idleness like the proverbial slothful field owner, he is encouraging us to receive power through the All-Powerful. Limp hands are a reflection of a spirit that is trapped by fear and hopelessness. Let us not hang our mouths, heads or hands. Keep striving, and yes–keep failing, but try placing your hand into His because in His is power and might. The hand of God gives strength to all.


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