(Inspired by) Appreciation

I’ve just been nominated for the “One Lovely Blog Award” and the “Inspiring Blog Award.”  I can’t help but think it swayed my nominator to select me due to my blog name (drum roll please)–angieinspired.  Hmmm, my kids will never believe that someone out there thinks my devastating topics could be lovely or inspire!  See kids.  Now, it’s my turn to pass along  7 not-so-necessarily-serious facts about myself and nominate 15 other worthy bloggers.

  1. I’m a Children’s Literature Institute graduate, who failed as of yet to sell a story
  2. I indeed was a contestant on Wipeout, but failed to win the 50K  (gee, I’m a washed-up failure)
  3. I am a marathon finisher–hey, I didn’t fail?
  4. I am a local thespian.  (my vocal instructor tactfully says,”Your voice is, er…unique…not easily blended with others.”)
  5. I am not a melodious singer?
  6. I co-direct a summer camp for domestic abuse victims and their families with my husband (I sing camp songs!)
  7. I can’t think of any 7th wonder.  Well, I do wonder how it took an education at Fuller Seminary for me to learn:  I’m not God.

So, with great humility (isn’t that an oxymoron?) I thank Jane for giving my life’s traverses, translated into verses a nod.  You can peek into her world of caring for her elderly mother at inmymothersroom.com.   Jane’s blog is a beautiful love story and memoir.  Check out these other inspirational blogs.  I can reasonably nominate only eight because the others I read are already award recipients:)  There’s enough light for us all to shine!

http://randomactsstories.blogspot.com/     a Scottish writer with posts as beautiful as his homeland
http://flashmemoirs.com/    here’s the spot for flash writing and memoir tips
http://nycscholasticawards.wordpress.com/     a veritable treasure trove of all genres from all ages http://deanjbaker.wordpress.com/    for poetry lovers
http://thatdudeeddie.wordpress.com/    short poetry and ebooks
http://cristianmihai.net/     amazing reads!! an old soul in a young man’s brain
http://sakinahkatib.wordpress.com/    great poetry, and fun contests to enter
http://booksforever1blog.wordpress.com/    for those passionate about dogs and wildlife

5 thoughts on “(Inspired by) Appreciation

    1. Thanks Meghan. The girls tease me cuz they say I write depressing things…but I do intentionally put a lighter piece in every once & a while; such is life. Hope you’re doing well.

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