(Inspired by) Reality TV

Reasons I was a contestant on WIPEOUT:   A Look into Madness

  1. Because you are most alive right before you die (duh)
  2. Because I didn’t have anything better going
  3. Because mental breakdowns run in my family
  4. To rationalize dressing like Olivia Newton-John
  5. To impress my kids while they thought this (definitely not I) was still “cool”
  6. To get more mileage out of my short-lived job as an aerobic instructor; hence the nickname “Aerobic Angie”
  7. To laugh about what John and John could make of me from the footage
  8. Because I was willing to trade a broken arm for a new kitchen
  9. To experience hypothermia in 48 degree water
  10. To spend 12 hours sequestered in a damp, muddied trailer, playing charades with 23 perfectly interesting strangers
  11. Seemed better than skypeing my parents
  12. Because I wasn’t allowed in the ball cage at Chuck E Cheese anymore
  13. Because my grandma strapped on roller skates when she was 60-something
  14. Because Survivor turned me down
  15. Ultimately, to be the personification of  “poetry in motion”–ahhh—splash!
    –“And I was.”


2 thoughts on “(Inspired by) Reality TV

  1. Had a good laugh reading your list. Meghan likes to watch Wipe Out online. She hasn’t been able to find your episode. Keep on writing!!!

  2. Thanks for wading through all my stuff…the good, the bad, & the ridiculous:) Tell Meghan to look up “Contestants are dropping like flies” or something like that (there was a giant fly swatter on my episode), and to not watch too much TV during school year! lol

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