(Inspired by) Last words

Ice was your first word
Something that you craved
You slipped it through your lips
And it meandered on its way
Happy to be a melted pool
Inside your baby belly
Exhilarating slide; gleeful decomposing

Will that be my last word,
The one which was your first?
Will I ask for it; will I thirst?
What will I say, fading away?
As I vaporize and dwindle
Perhaps I’ll say ice through pale parched lips
And spill into another world

What I really want to say is
Whatever floats up from my gut
I really can’t say–
Might be a song I learned as a child
Could be a cursed word deeply repressed
And yet I’m inclined to think ice would be nice
Exquisite beginning to end



    • Ahh–We are still like rubber band friends…we stretch each other, OR is it when one of us pulls back, the other gets smacked? lol

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