(Inspired by) the Mortal

Is the leading,
The longing–
The wanting and burning of the eternal
Perpetual perfection Heaven only holds
I’ll miss marriage and nighttime, these
Sparkling gems of redemptive love
Shining through clouded windows
When I die I’ll miss deadlines and urgency
The feeling that this could all end at any moment
My feverish heart racing to make it count
Against a ticking clock
Against the word ‘mortality’
Against a bad ending
I’ll miss innocuous beginnings
Middles of a thousand different shades of day
And the crescendos of self-fulfilling ends
I’ll miss the leading, the longing
The longing–
For it’s all I’ve ever known, reaching
For something better, for home, forgiveness
For salvation, for love, for life and freedom
For recovery, for equality or riches
Groaning for what is not yet realized
I’ll miss the longing when I die, my God
The holy longing–
The aching journey which has led me to you


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