The Only Kids at the Fundraiser

After the salad, we knew the Flores kids didn’t like salad. After the main course we knew she was Mariyah, he was Donovan. The band took a break so we could hear each other. Mariah likes cheerleading. Donovan stopped wrestling, although he was good at it. We heard dessert was tres leches. Only it wasn’t. […]

FM Station 99.9

Ode to farmer-style Clutch, no A/C, Windows down. Driving To the KOA swimming Pool. The one with The twisty slide Past Enterprise, but Before Junction City. Ode to short shorts, Loose tank tops that Halfway conceal Spearmint-striped bikinis We never imagined were Revealing. Their straps Looped thoughtlessly in a bow Beneath sun-soaked ponytails. Ode to […]


Admire this line. Gaze long. Gaze soulfully. Gaze dainty, long &soulful. Admire this mirror. Lips &foot, Two eyes, This &that. Admire self– That shoulder trip. Gaze long. Gaze soulfully. [A re-working of “The Song of Vanity”  printed in NYU archives The Masses, 1917 by Harrison Dowd for Miz Q and submitted to Real Toads]