March 14, 1986

I wish I had listened to you Coach, giving your commencement speech at Ohio State University. I would have made sure, that I’d never let the other team beat me, Sir, &pledge that I’d never beat myself at my own game either, like I did. I wouldn’t have felt sorry for myself so much, opening […]

Forecast Says Rain or Moonlight

Feet find an exile path. Hands pluck a life-sized heart of stone from its downy green nest –before last months sheep came– before all this stubble &hay for backyards. Feet find an exile path. Eyes plead for cloud cover, a strewn sympathy for this dry creek bed, but the sky’s full of itself &chokes on […]


the dead-end poets see the icing between bricks -we don’t see the wall day 30 NaPoWriMo for Poetic Asides Thanks for putting up with my brick cakes, people. Here’s one last brick in the National Poetry Writing Month wall from Mark Strand, for anyone who can stomach just one more poem…“The Great Poet Returns”