Who’s Having Pie?

In the 80’s Shawn, Beau and I graduated from Milton Bradley’s strategic Battleship, &from the Sorry-I-knocked-you-back-home game mom bought us with the high hopes of giving our poor dad some peace and quiet while his Toyota truck engine cooled down in the driveway after a hard day’s work. But in Trivial Pursuit, the pink and orange […]

: A Life in Letters

damn, this is good. all at once i step into his bygone house of mice & men, of assembled books. i drop down into his tub to read his thoughts, to feel his weakness, i get wrapped up in his letters! his disdain of the telephone. hooray. i slip off the yellow world market towel, & he slips me (e)’s like […]

11/ 20, Your Birthday

Somebody left a window open while we were trying to keep the cold out. And a little happy snuck in. And we noticed it. And we started to dance, and we actually sang, and then remembered our mouths were made for laughing. Cold hands were made for holding. And it dawned on us that our […]

Hanging Myself

Let me tell you about it; the space I’m currently in before the words peel up and fly away to a safe tree. Imagine a broken glass wheel, or a lift and press, without the lift. What I’m referring to is this old plank on Grave Creek Bridge that keeps holding on, even with its […]