Just Yesterday Morning


Bluebird is Blue Dolphin now, –
with blue shutters, private patios.
But not private enough, –
we saw a couple in their skivvies, –
in their hot tub
sipping bubbly just yesterday morning
as we walked by with our dog.
Kind of awkward,
carrying her poop in a bag, –
waving hello!
-Going back soon
to our land of fences

for Real Toads

Dear World,

I’ve fallen into a sudden
need for sleep, -deep,

as you are shallow, – though
your usual business burgeons!

I dreamed up stuff you’re made of, –
crushed velvet &petticoats.  Am I right?

I think there should be a call
for sturdier diving boards. Helmets &knee pads,

along with a better photographic angle
-just to get out of bed.

[a missive for Real Toads]


Get golden…

Mom used to say,
When women get older
they’ll want a little sparkle.

Now my skin grows thin.
Now I’m turning gray
in my bed.

Nobody ever
really bargains for this,

Everyone’s eye goes
to what sparkles.
Buy jewelry she says

because skin is shallow,
and everything about
box-spring beds
scream slow death.

55 sober words for Real Toads
and submitted to Poetic Asides


This isn’t a poem. It’s me talking to you outside of a poetic line.

I just wanted to say I’m heading back to summer camp with all my loves. (I’m serious. This isn’t a poem.)

They installed wifi this year in the dining hall, but shhhh, we’re not telling the campers.

We still like camp being an electronic-free space.

IMG_0256  IMG_0212

I will be absent from my blog for awhile, but I’m hoping you all enjoy your summer.

Just promise me you’ll get some fresh air now &then.


Oh, and wish us luck getting our pup into the ocean with her new life vest.

(This isn’t Sky in the picture. Our dog’s cuter, &she’s a girl!)

And hey, maybe –just maybe I can smuggle a live-action doggy pic to all of you soon.

(I’m such a hypocrite about the no electronic thing.)




outside of normal

if i’m to write
in especially
ordinary language
i’d say,
are you thinking
what i’m thinking?
we’ve got
(me &you)(us)
&you’d say
our purpose
is simple,


To Conclude

To conclude Angie,
stop your silly guessing
&over-analyzing. All in good time
it will be night, dear.
Your body will be parting.
Sleep; when the time draws near.
Rest your head &whisper, so long!
Perhaps soon there will be a triumph
wordless things.

for Real Toads

Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

this much, we can let go of, –

the verdict i held on you
for damages done
building sawdust houses,
&injecting your eyes with
obscene amounts of Visine, –

we can let go of the cost
of all that water, –
thousands of evaporated droplets
of lost time, –
thirsty for greener grass

we can let go of you wanting the top-
of-the-line everything,
&for all that
chocolate chip ice cream
&insanity every night

we can let go of the one thousand
t-shirts you bought, – you could never
wear them man, but it happened
on the back of a cereal box, –
that i understood everything

&it came with the cost of pity,
&then go-go dancing love,
that you’re more than
just a father
but a broken, beautiful man

&we’re probably the only ones
able to find deeper meaning
in the line
chocolate chip ice cream, –
because we’re the ones chipping away

this much, i can let go of, –

for Dad submitted to Real Toads
using my last text message,
“able to find deeper meaning
in the line chocolate chip ice cream”


I’ll Tell You How The Sun Went Down

I’ll tell you
how the sun
went down
in a golden
bath of butter, –
it’s fire
slipped into
the small
side pocket
of my white
bermuda shorts
much like
a woman
steadily spilling
into water
when a man
is watching, –
to awaken him

for dVerse & Real Toads