Galaxy Wheel

I’m always walking with you, -ignoring needed chiropractic adjustments. Never mind that, because all at once the meadow starts ruminating over the fires still smoldering past camel hill. Audaciously, you shoot your finger to the moon as if you’ve discovered a curious thing. I’m taken by the brighter star. Dear God, when will our necks ever align? Still, – every day we’re more honest with ourselves. We tie our tongues, and lace our shoes.

here, inside of us
the whole sky and galaxy, –
two divining lights

for dVerse

A Delicate Autumn Film

This is no good, –
A poem in calm weather
Begins with gossamer.
I hate to see it.
Flimsy, – flying on handfuls of purpose.
On purpose! We all know where this is going,
But what good does it do?
I fall off the page, –
No wings, – no thread!

for Real Toads

Night Swim (Moon Tan)

You were a mermaid diving at twilight
so pretty. You were so pretty.
Water, – ash pale. Lavender, talc sky.
Water and sky, – as always, amusing.
Over and over. You went up and down.
Hands with fingers, arms, head, torso,
back & legs, -and my nose didn’t fill up
with willow wisps, – those crazy things
flapping for attention over top of the
neighbor’s house. That dead fish,
– deaf, and mute.

“to dream” -for Real Toads

Desert Mouths

And I kept saying, water! water! Not because it was there, but because in LA it’s not there. And it gob-smacked you at first, until you started repeating it too. Our dry, slack mouths moving like little fish taking it in … letting it out. We both colluded to allow any residual word droplets to band together in order that they should rise to the top for a pop(!), blop(!) on the surface, ceiling, or sky… whatever you want to call it in Kansas City. What’s it called in Bangkok? It’s the place most of our un-canned prittle, prattle, gusts, &puffs go to disappear. I can only describe it as a place of complete and inexplicable absorption. Cities, words, life, – everything swallowed up.

for Real Toads


i forgot how
to breathe
plumpness of air,
to stand up &suggest, –
absolutely nothing
at all.
believe me,
it’s sublime, –
light &heavy, –
atmospheric &climactic.
superbly preponderous,

for dVerse Poets

Just Yesterday Morning


Bluebird is Blue Dolphin now, –
with blue shutters, private patios.
But not private enough, –
we saw a couple in their skivvies, –
in their hot tub
sipping bubbly just yesterday morning
as we walked by with our dog.
Kind of awkward,
carrying her poop in a bag, –
waving hello!
-Going back soon
to our land of fences

for Real Toads

Dear World,

I’ve fallen into a sudden
need for sleep, -deep,

as you are shallow, – though
your usual business burgeons!

I dreamed up stuff you’re made of, –
crushed velvet &petticoats.  Am I right?

I think there should be a call
for sturdier diving boards. Helmets &knee pads,

along with a better photographic angle
-just to get out of bed.

[a missive for Real Toads]


Get golden…

Mom used to say,
When women get older
they’ll want a little sparkle.

Now my skin grows thin.
Now I’m turning gray
in my bed.

Nobody ever
really bargains for this,

Everyone’s eye goes
to what sparkles.
Buy jewelry she says

because skin is shallow,
and everything about
box-spring beds
scream slow death.

55 sober words for Real Toads
and submitted to Poetic Asides