I Remember Some Umbrellas

I remember some umbrellas had lights. Reflective beads. How we had to wind the handles hard to open them up. How every time we forgot to roll them down, an accidental wind would have its way. I remember the years wicker held us in softer lines, and the time your sister Mary came &said our […]

Tip of the Day

Push play on the VCR, forgetting you’re muscle-confused. Even if your left hamstring becomes hysterical, thinks it’s an old dog &plays dead, while here it is– Spring, your window of opportunity to chase after that bone– think nothing of freedom, or bones. You just do the best reverse lying tricep extension you can, all the while repeating […]

The Kingdom of Cows

It’s no different here. One sun. One moon. A city of cows &velvet-nosed horses. High-rise stalks of empire flowers, a scratch of baled hay. Dad engineers soil &mom makeshifts wreaths for cemeteries. A wind kicks up, chopping tree limbs into sticks that shuttle furiously down the creek. Winds save us from no-difference. day 25 NaPoWriMo […]

Starsky &Hutch

I must have crushed on light-hearted subplots, ying &yang TV duos to comfort my small- town sleepiness, as it was an illness. Laverne &Shirley at the brewery, in their basement apartment with nuisance neighbors Lenny &Squiggy. I must have had a crush on Barney Fife &Sheriff Taylor, Sonny &Cher those cheeks, that hair. Captain &Tennille […]