My Poems and Stuff


Feign a vein, get famous for that
A wooden lip, a loitering soul
Puppeteer of living Pinocchio

Trust your gut but don’t always listen
To rotting notions and intonations
Trivets on loan; a three-legged rental

And lure your liver to store the liquor!
Straight from naught it kills you quicker
Violins rest; a river will stutter

Are lips in sync? You question the river
Fist and rod, glove and louver
Leg of rope, some spit and drivel

[The words that came from 'ventriloquist' guided this poem]



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My Poems and Stuff

Box 280, Osawatomie

James, 62, raised hogs
Wheat and milo
Liked to read and
Tinker with mechanics

Niki Hamme, 47,
Died Tuesday,
July 8 at home
Service will be held

At the age of 99
Leola Ninneman joined
In her own words
“The man of my dreams”

A member of two monthly
Peanuckle groups
Passed away Saturday
Friends may call 9am

And there we go
In lieu of flowers
A memorial print
On four sparse lines

My Poems and Stuff

My Middle Left Finger

this lottery pencil
i pulled from the
gaudy pink drawer

looks like the needle
of the empire state building
but that’s an exaggeration

just don’t know who
sharpened this thing
to look like a pointy tit

but still i’m gasping
and my middle left
finger is against me

temporarily gone
numb (probably acting
out of jealousy)

until i run a file
under the nail and
say, feel like typing?