I Come to Myself

Arthur Rackham

Brothers Grimm “The Old Woman In the Wood” illustrated by Arthur Rackham

I’ve come to love the silence. In the dalliance of the day I hear the sturdy mesquite grow more knob-kneed with each fire I set by waltzing by. I am unaware that the trees — being trees– are jealous for my essence, my mouth forming words beyond a guttural clacka clack. Jealous for lithe limbs, breast buds which suffer not through winter.

A handsome tree begs of me, “Do what you please! Throw off your grosgrain, loose the heavy corded ribbon from your hair. Loose desire as I cannot! Let the wind cool your warm flesh, lift your ferociously folded hem.”

Talisman trees cast dulcet tones over a grove of enchantment I neither understand nor fear. With its twig grip over me I am cooperatively inarticulate, caught up in the wooooo, wooooo. My lips curl at the edges like a small leaf and I am myself bursting through blushing wood, whirling and twirling as devil from dust beautiful and mute before impossibly returning to impossibility.


A Walk Across India

I will walk
Twenty-four days
Until Dandi
Where I’ll bathe
In her black water
Sift salt from
Her shimmering shore
See mud as gold
Fall between
My leathery fingers
I will eat mutiny
Avoid destruction
Face death
-April 5, 6:30 am

[Over 80,000 people were imprisoned in 1930
for breaking the laws related to the salt tax. The
salt march did garner the attention of the British
Empire and helped end British rule over India.]

Can I eat this?



She couldn’t remember the last time she’d seen the stars
The borders of her geography be walls of gray matter
Her heart in travail leaking day and night
No light, No light!
Around a side gate be a tower of ash
No one could measure beyond the measure
And the valley of bones be each one her own
Get it right, get it right!

So she took the form
Of a northern constellation
Her guts on the ceiling
There’s light, there’s light!
Woodwind be cover for holes in her head
Singers be fill for the space in her bed
Dancers express her thoughts being read
Get it right, get it right!

Video Prompt:
Florence and the Machine